Leaving the village,

May the waters of the nearby stream

Rise to see you off, like your mother’s hand.

May the memory of sunlight

Peeking through the dark doors of night

Warm your mind during cold times.


May you allow your eyes

To hunt on both banks of the river of life.

May you send messages across the waves

In all the languages of life.

May you empty your mind out of empty lessons

To fit the beautiful views of life.

When walking on a road,

May every one of your steps

Walk across water.

Every time the crane hides

Beneath a river’s waves,

Then emerges from the water

With a quick splash,

May you see and marvel at this sight.

We are in the habit

Of locking up our minds as we do rooms.

May your thoughts navigate

The locks to freedom.


Crossing the green fields,

May you reach the faraway land,

Where the sky covers all you can see.

May you wander through this land forever,

And lose yourself in its wonders.


When reaching a village,

May the nearby stream rise to greet you

Like your mother’s hand.

May you understand the language of the trees’ bends and turns

And converse with them.

As the murmurs that are hidden reveal themselves to you,

And may you find yourself.


translated from Telugu: Harsha Voruganti

Published in: on ఫిబ్రవరి 16, 2009 at 5:13 సా.  Comments (1)  

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One Commentవ్యాఖ్యానించండి

  1. may you always give us such wonderful lines!


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